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Introducing new Crutch Accessories – the SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS: Your Ultimate Solution for Safe Mobility

In the realm of assistive mobility aids, we proudly present the innovative SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS – a groundbreaking concept meticulously crafted to enhance safety and convenience for crutch and cane users. Designed with utmost precision, our Crutch BOOTS are the ultimate solution to the challenges posed by snowy, icy, and wet outdoor conditions, ensuring a seamless transition to dry indoor surfaces upon boot removal.

For individuals who rely on crutches and canes, navigating outdoor terrain in inclement weather can be fraught with peril. The tips of these essential aids often accumulate snow, ice, and water, creating treacherously slippery conditions. This hazard is further exacerbated when users return indoors, as the residual moisture on the tips can pose a significant safety risk.

Imagine a simpler, more efficient solution. SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS are meticulously engineered to keep the tips of your crutches and canes dry and secure, even in the harshest outdoor environments. With our Crutch BOOTS, there’s no need to spend valuable time removing ice, snow, or wiping the tips dry before using your crutches indoors. All you have to do is remove the boots and you’re ready to go about your business.

Experience the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about safety, and transition effortlessly to indoor environments without the hassle of cleanup. SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS are your trusted partner in mobility, offering a sophisticated and dependable solution to keep you safe, stable, and confident in any weather.

Make the smart choice today and elevate your mobility experience with SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS – the only cruches-cane tips boots you will ever need. Where safety and convenience converge to empower your journey.

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  • Waterproof Material
  • SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS – The STORY

    On December 26th 2021, following a bad fall, slipping on snow and ice, I broke my ankle at two places!
    • Now with a cast and walking boot, I had no choice but to use crutches to move around all winter long. “Funny as a crutch” as the expression says!
    • Well as crutch users know, it’s quite the challenge to use them on snow and ice but also challenging coming back indoor to a dry floor surface once crutch tips are full of snow, ice and water. The danger of falling and hurting yourself is even worst than slipping outdoor if you don’t remove the snow and ice caught in the spiral indent tips and wipe the tips dry. Watch the video

    Crutch accessories - SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS

  • Slip Resistant
  • SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS Concept

    The SafeNDry Crutch-Cane Boots are slip resistant boots for users of crutches and canes, designed for the winter season and wet outdoor conditions.
    • These crutch accessories are improving the outdoor winter-wet conditions traction and keeps the tips of the crutches and canes dry and safe at all time outdoor and especially when coming back indoor to a dry floor surface. You simply remove the small  boots without having to remove ice and snow from the tips of your crutches or canes and wipe them dry, also you no longer need to clean the pudlles left behind by wet crutch tips. Your crutch-cane tips are always dry, (see photo to the left). Only crutches users know how dangerous it is to walk indoor with snowy and icy tips if you don’t wipe them dry.

    Crutches accessories - The SafeNDry Crutch Boots

  • Keep Tips SafeNDry
  • Safe & Convenient

    Before the SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS, you had to remove snow caught in the

    crutches-cane tips and wipe tips dry after coming indoor from wet and snowy

    • Now, thanks to this revolutionary technology, with these crutch accessories , you no longer have to worry about slipping indoor after using your crutches-canes outdoor in wet and snowy conditions. You no longer need to remove ice and snow and wipe the tips dry. You simply remove the tiny boots and you’re ready to use your crutch-canes indoor immediately.

  • Time Saver (Don’t waste time removing ice, snow and water)
  • SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS – MATERIAL & VIEWS

    The SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS are made of waterproof elastic material, an anti-slip rubber sole, a front zipper and inside cushion made of velvet like material, a velcro of reflective nylon to tie the boots firmly around the crutches tips, all this with a nice vinyl moldings finish. The inside is made of smooth and soft velvet like material.

    Please note that this is the launch model of the SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS, Size: Small which is suitable for crutch-cane tips with a base diameter (the underside of the tip, see photo) of up to 1 3/4 inch. If your tips measure more than 1 3/4 inch, you can place a special order in the shop page. If your tips base measure less than 1 1/2 inch, you can still order the lauch – small model and tie the velcro strap a little tighter. 

    Crutch accessories measurementsMeasuring crutch accessories tips

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    Crutch accessories - SafeNDry Crutch Boots retail package

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